Ferrari's Hand Cleaning Process

Wedding Dress Inspection


After inspecting your wedding gown we will provide you with a detailed report outlining the cleaning process and conditon of the gown. We'll also outline any areas of risk or areas where we believe 100% stain removal is not possible. Only after we explain the process and the techniques required do we proceed with cleaning the gown.

Wedding Dress Pre Spotting

Hand Pre Spotting

Where required, individual areas will be Hand Treated prior to cleaning to prevent damage, discolouration. This critical stage can be the difference between stain removal or stains being permanently set in.

Wedding Dress Cleaning

Hand Cleaning

All wedding gowns are then hand treated and hand dry-cleaned with methods tailored to each individual gowns characteristics. All cleaning is done with pristine, fresh solvent that's only used for cleaning wedding gowns. Where material allows, gowns will be hand wet-cleaned to prevent future ageing and oxidation of water based stains.

Wedding Dress Post Cleaning Treatment

Post Cleaning Treatment

After cleaning all wedding gowns are re-inspected and meticulously Hand Spotted. Time is no object as we hand treat each individual area of your gown.

Wedding Dress Cleaning Hand Pressing

Hand Pressing

All Gowns are then expertly hand pressed and ironed using custom equipment specifically designed for the low temperatures required when handling delicate materials and beading.

Wedding Dress Cleaning Final Inspection

Final Inspection

After Pressing all gowns recieve a complete final inspection. If we are not completely satisfied any or all of the previous steps will be repeated until we're 100% sure the best possible results have been achieved.