Rental Dress Cleaning

With more people renting dresses to recover some of the costs of the orginal purchase we've been seeing a lot of damaged during wear, or by taking them to a low cost cleaning service before returning the garment. One of the facts of dress rental is that dresses are not treated with the same care that you would when the garment is your own so this tends to see them returned with large amounts of alcohol stains and general dirt from rough treatment.

Ferrari's specialise in treating these types of garments which often require exra care and Hand Cleaning Services to remove the fake tan, make up, perspiration and general staining. If you want to get the best return from renting/hiring your dress out it pays to use a specialist cleaning service that will return the dress to it's best condition, and let you continue to hire the dress out for the long term.

Whether you're renting you own dresses or require cleaning of a dress you've rented, don't hesitate to contact us on 9553-6657 or by using our Contact Form for any of your garment cleaning requirements

Before And After Cleaning

Shirt With Stains Removed