Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Get My Wedding Dress Dry Cleaned.

It's best to get your gown dry cleaned and have the water based stains treated before the stains set in and in some cases do permanent damage to the materials

Can I Take My Wedding Dress To Any Dry Cleaner.

For the safety of your gown it's best to use a wedding gown specialist who has the experience and facilities required to clean delicate wedding gowns.

Will The Beads And Sequines Be Safe During Cleaning.

All our gowns are hand cleaned which allows for safe cleaning of all beads and sequins. We can even safely clean garments with glued beading and embellishments.

Are All Gowns Cleaned On The Premises.

Yes, We don't ship your gown off to be cleaned. All gowns are cleaned and stored on the premises

How Much Does It Cost To Dry Clean A Wedding Dress.

Prices vary greatly depedning on the service provided but a specialist hand cleaning service will generally start around the $400 price range and go up depending on stain level and materials involved

Do I Have To Pay For The Cleaning Up Front.

No payment is required until after the cleaning is completed which generally takes around 4 weeks. We also offer the option of a Lay By Service where you can pay the cleaning off over 3 months.

Is Boxing Included In The Price.

Yes, Boxing is included in our quoted price, we don't add any extra charges.

How Long Does The Cleaning Take.

Cleaning normally takes around 4 weeks. We are able to speed this up on request

What Is The Best Way To Clean A Wedding Dress

In most cases it's best to have the gown dry cleaned to treat any oil based stains and use specialist cleaning and spotting techniques to treat any water based stains

Can I Wash My Wedding Gown At Home.

In some cases it's possible to wash your gown in a bath or large washing machine, although some materails, like silk can be permanately damaged when washed in water.