Specialist Dry Cleaning

We're often asked what the difference is between a Specialist Dry Cleaners and a standard Dry Cleaners so I thought I'd outline what you can expect from our Dry Cleaning Service

  • Through inspection of garments outling any areas of concern before cleaning.
  • Advice on the likely hood of stain removal and any risks associated with the process
  • We offer all dry cleaning services including And Professional Wet Cleaning
  • We're required we offer complete Hand Cleaning Services to protect all delicate beading, Trims And Buttons.
  • Expert spotting and stain removal techniques without affecting the colour or lustre of materials.
  • Professional pressing and finishing so you always look your best.

As the preffered cleaners to many Famous Designers and Boutique Stores we have many years experience Cleaning, Spotting and Writing Garment Testing analysis on many of the most delicate and expensive designer garments. We Specialise in garments from Dior, Chanel, Scanlan Theodore, Zimmerman, Dion Lee, Bec And Bridge, Husk, Aje and many more.

Don't risk your delicate gaments to just anyone, trust them to a specialist dry cleaner who has the tools and knowledge to safely clean and treat them. Feel free to contact us on 9553-6657 or by using our Contact Form For any of your garment cleaning requirements

Specialist Garments We Clean

Dion Lee Dress With Glued Panels Heavily Beaded Winona Dress Dior Dress